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Monday, February 4, 2013

Then there was Vered’s Women’s day

I summed up Bootcamp with the insight that meant the most to me: Get in line and stay in line.

If I had to sum up Women do business differently then for me the bottom line is to Think in Terms of Strategy and not in Tactics.  That’s a basic difference between short term and long term. I am for 80% occupied with thinking about the next day, the next week or maybe the next month. In other words, I deploy the one tactic after another. 

Oh, I understand the importance of strategy and if you had asked me last week I would have said, yes, of course I have strategies for my business. Since Women do Business Differently, I have to admit, that apart from having an amount that I want to earn by the end of the year, I actually have little to no strategies to make that happen. I am living from invoice to invoice, and project to project with too little to fall back on if I encounter a setback. 

It’s not even that I don’t have back end products to supplement my front end products. I do. But because I am constantly busy with the front end, and the short term, I have not given these back end products the attention they need. As a result, hardly anyone even knows about them!

What’s even more tragic (yes, I use the word tragic!) is that I even have more front end products, related to the one product that has me in its grip, just floating about, being wasted.

In my brainstorm team I was given several ideas for not only promoting my products, but also for building campaigns. And campaigns are what will create a sustainable customer base. And the funny thing was most of the ideas were strategies I had suggested to others to support their businesses but somehow I had not applied them my own business. I even know why…

But that’s for the next blog.

So, to sum up for now

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