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I still feel like a teenager on the inside, unfortunately my children do remind me how old I am!! I have lived for 20+ years as an Irish expat in The Netherlands. My favourite city here has to be Amsterdam.

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Welcome to my blog. Let me start by telling you that I love writing. I love the sense of vitality it gives me. I love that it helps me to make sense of the world and to the people in it. I love that it helps me become wiser, more intuitive, empathic, and most of all autonomous.

All aspects - reading, writing and observing - are what make the process complete. The essence is storytelling, and learning about
life and yourself.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Transitions - again

 A must read

"With this on my kindle I can refer to it wherever and whenever I choose. I would especially recomend the section on the Neutral Zone, the period between awareness that old habits don't work any more and new ones need to be formed. Why I mention this specifically, is because this is the phase that makes us most uncomfortable. We prefer to avoid the feeling of uselessness that it may evoke, but it is in fact acceptance of this 'emptiness' and choosing to undergo it fully, that will enrich us most in the long run. Going into the neutral zone and listening to all the messages it brings, is essential in the transition from old to new. "

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