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I still feel like a teenager on the inside, unfortunately my children do remind me how old I am!! I have lived for 20+ years as an Irish expat in The Netherlands. My favourite city here has to be Amsterdam.

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Welcome to my blog. Let me start by telling you that I love writing. I love the sense of vitality it gives me. I love that it helps me to make sense of the world and to the people in it. I love that it helps me become wiser, more intuitive, empathic, and most of all autonomous.

All aspects - reading, writing and observing - are what make the process complete. The essence is storytelling, and learning about
life and yourself.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dan Fogelberg Tribute

I can´t believe it! Dan Fogelberg was a musical hero of mine, getting me through the teen years with his lyrics. He died and I didn´t even know. It just goes to show - live today, because you never know when your last arrives.

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