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I still feel like a teenager on the inside, unfortunately my children do remind me how old I am!! I have lived for 20+ years as an Irish expat in The Netherlands. My favourite city here has to be Amsterdam.

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Welcome to my blog. Let me start by telling you that I love writing. I love the sense of vitality it gives me. I love that it helps me to make sense of the world and to the people in it. I love that it helps me become wiser, more intuitive, empathic, and most of all autonomous.

All aspects - reading, writing and observing - are what make the process complete. The essence is storytelling, and learning about
life and yourself.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Book Thief

This book is so good I don't even know if I can do it justice in a review. It is as good as perfect. The narrative is tight, not a word too much. The plot glides smoothly forward, encorporating a wide range of issues, including first and foremost WWII in Germany, the meaning of parental love, friendship and loyalty, and the impact of sudden, violent death. It talks of sacrifice and risk, and growing up. The narrator is a very down to earth 'Death' without the black cloak, bag of bones image. This is death with compassion and a sense of humour.
It is a 'can't put down' read, of the like I haven't had in years. As all encompassing as War and Peace, but a lot easier to read!

for all of us wannabe published writers, bow in humility to this one.

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